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Norman Lamps authorized stocking distributor online e store is open 24/7! Norman Lamps are specialists in the design and manufacture of indicator lamps, general lighting and specialized lamp products.

Norman Lamps has one of the largest lamp inventories in the United States. This inventory, combined with state-of-the-art order processing allows us to ship your orders accurately and without delay. With their massive inventory, low order minimum, and production capacity of over 70 million units per month, we can offer your company unsurpassed pricing, delivery, quality and support that you demand.

Peerless distributes a wide variety of lamps for aircraft, transportation, industrial and medical applications. If you can’t find the lamp or LED you are looking for give us a call at 516-594-3500 and we can most likely order it for you with a very short lead-time.

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  1. 1819 - LAMP

    NORMAN LAMPS INC. Call for availability

    Out of stock

  2. 1829 - LAMP

    NORMAN LAMPS INC. 182 in stock
  3. 303 - LAMP

    NORMAN LAMPS INC. 89 in stock
  4. 313 NORMAN - LAMP

    NORMAN LAMPS INC. 775 in stock
  5. 328 - LAMP

    Call 516-594-3500 for pricing
    93 in stock
  6. 330 - LAMP

    NORMAN LAMPS INC. 70 in stock
  7. 385 - LAMP

    NORMAN LAMPS INC. 62 in stock
  8. 387 - LAMP

    NORMAN LAMPS INC. 3745 in stock
  9. 4580 - LAMP

    NORMAN LAMPS INC. 61 in stock
  10. 4587 - LAMP

    NORMAN LAMPS INC. 44 in stock

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