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Clarostat potentiometers and encoders are available from Peerless Electronics. We have been distributing Clarostat potentiometers (now Honeywell Sensing and Control) for over 50 years. We offer a complete selection of wire wound and cermet pots, plastic pots, RV4 and RV6 mil grade pots, as well as Honeywell encoders and resolvers. The Honeywell Sensing and Control (S&C) Rotary Position Sensor lineup is comprised of encoders, potentiometers, Hall-effect rotary position sensors, and precision-crafted resolvers. Encoders are available in both mechanical and optical versions, and are best for potential applications requiring panel-mounted, manually-operated rotary sensing. Potentiometer Sensors utilize precision technology developed for potential military applications. Our proprietary conductive plastic offers extensive temperature range and infinite resolution, and is designed to provide precision position measurement. Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensors are offered in a variety of sensing ranges, supply voltages, and output configurations. Resolvers are offered in pancake, brushless, and canned styles. Honeywell S&C is one of a handful of companies offering this highly precise sensor technology. But that’s what you’d expect from an industry leader. For a complete guide to Honeywell (formerly Clarostat) potentiometers please click here!


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