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Eaton Interconnect/Cooper Interconnect authorized distributor.
Eaton aerospace and military solutions include G&H Technology and Burton connectors, cable assemblies, and non-explosive actuators.  These products have established a track record of uncompromised reliability that has been proven in harsh-environment applications ranging from ground power and weapons control to satellites and manned spacecraft.
Heritage proven technologies and design platforms can be leveraged to provide a broad range of quick-turn custom solutions that include:
•    Customer defined inserts, shells, and accessories including space-rated configurations.
•    Actuator-released interconnects for umbilical and in-flight disconnect-applications.
•    Extended operating-temperature ranges including cryogenic.
•    Connector/cable assemblies with integrated gas and fluid fittings and mechanical-load (tow cable) capabilities.

For a complete selector guide see http://www.cooperindustries.com/content/public/en/wiring_devices/interconnect/products/Mil-Aero_Products.html

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