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CTS authorized stocking distributor online e store is open 24/7! Peerless Electronics is an authorized distributor for CTS.

The product line is too vast to list here in its entirety. The CTS Electro components products we distribute include:

Potentiometer / Variable Resistors

Guitar pots

Slide potentiometers
Precision Potentiometers
Position Sensors
Optical and Mechanical Encoders
DIP Switches
Rotary & Other Power Switches
Acceleration Modules
Small Engine Rotary Position Sensors

 For a complete CTS Electrocomponents selector guide click here: http://www.ctscorp.com/components/sfcatalog/ET_sfc.pdf

 For CTS electric guitar potentiometers click here: http://www.ctscorp.com/components/Datasheets/450g.pdf

For a quote on CTS products please call us at 5165-594-3500 or toll free at 1-800-285-2121. You can also CLICK HERE


There are no products listed under this brand.