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Heinemann authorized stocking distributor online e store is open 24/7! Heinemann Electric circuit breakers from authorized Heinemann distributor Peerless Electronics.

Heinemann offers a wide range of OEM circuit protectors, with ratings from 0.01 to 1200 amperes. Their applications include computers, healthcare equipment, pleasure boats, and naval vessels, communications systems, electric locomotives and space vehicles.
In addition Heinemann's Engineering capability stems from vast experience assembling and customizing Heinemann Circuit Breakers in applications such as Computer Systems and Electric Automobiles. Combining their engineering experience, their CAD equipment and production equipment, they are able to offer fast turnaround.

Over the last 40 years, Heinemann has introduced many new products to the Hydraulic/Magnetic Circuit Breaker product line, extending product capability while maintaining its compact size. Heinemann’s complete catalog can be viewed here at http://www.heinemann-electric.com/m-cata.htm or at http://www.eaton.com/Eaton/ProductsServices/Electrical/ProductsandServices/CircuitProtection/HydraulicMagneticCircuitProtection/index.htm

To order Heinemann circuit breakers call us at 516-594-3500, TOLL FREE 800-285-2121, or CLICK HERE.


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