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- Pentair Schroff authorized stocking distributor online e store is open 24/7! Schroff, a Pentair company, is a world leader in electronics packaging design and fabrication.

- Schroff offers a wide range of innovative and high-quality standard products: PCB (printed circuit board) retainers, sub racks, cases, backplanes, motherboards, and microcomputer systems.

- Peerless is an authorized stocking distributor for Schroff. We stock a complete selection of Schroff backplane hardware, euro board hardware, PCB retainers, front panels, Schroff handles, and guide rails. Ask us about our custom digital panels that we can supply for your company’s product with your logo and graphics in full color!

- We are pleased to offer the innovative case design of the Schroff Interscale M that inspires and supports you in realizing your ideas - from initial prototypes through to series production. The intelligent platform and extensive accessories let you create optimized case solutions quickly and easily and adapt them flexibly to suit specific requirements. You also have the choice between making such adaptations yourself or with our support. In addition to its free scalability, Schroff Interscale M offers built-in EMC protection, ease of modification and a flexible visual design. Schroff Interscale M - the ideal case for realizing your visions.

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